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The God Game...Conclusion

Briefly put...I wouldn't play the God game in actual life if you paid me! lol {unless of course you paid me quite a bit, and everybody had the same rules, &&& if it were a board game} But seriously though...a never ending scavenger hunt where you have to guess if friend is foe, or foe is friend or if the text you received was actual instructions or a test to a rabbit hole or scuffle?! Ummm, I love trivia, I love games, I love mystery, but I don't like guessing whether I'm in an alternate vs a virtual reality in actual life, or if what I do in a particular hour could alter a loved ones reality in the next. I looooove this concept as a book, wait whoa! where's the movie to this, by the way?! lol But as actual life, ummm...Thank you Mr. Tobey for the oober intriguing read (even though the ending was a bit perplexing and seemingly odd & headscratching)...but I'll just stick to your captivating penmanship on the written page. Would be waaaaaaay too discombobulating as a lifestyle! lol 12.3.2021


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